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“What if the world is holding its breath—waiting for you to take the place that only you can fill?”

- David Whyte

Identity crises:


While we might often think of people forming their sense of identity before their adult years, all along the course of adult life are opportunities to gain a greater sense of purpose and understanding about who we are and how we fit into the world around us. But sometimes questions about identity preoccupy our thoughts and emotions to the point that they significantly disrupt our life and sense of wellbeing. This is what can be called an identity crisis.

Identity crises are often stirred as a result of a significant change or challenge in one’s life. You may find yourself troubled by shifts in your motivations, passions, or values in a way that troubles you. Maybe you’ve just become a parent, experienced a traumatic event, moved, or began or ended a significant relationship. These are just a few examples of changes that might cause you to feel unsettled about your sense of self, how you relate others and to the world around you, or what you believe about your own life, death, or faith. 


If you find yourself distressed or confused and needing to sort through conflicting or disturbing emotions or thoughts related to your experience—whether having to do with your roles in life, your age, your relationship with others or with life—I value the significance of this season in your life and would be honored to explore with you any surrounding concerns and possibilities. Though such seasons can prove challenging and distressful, they also can cradle a kind of change that effects unforeseen beauty and meaning.

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